the Beach at Pedasi
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Information and Resources Useful for Researching and Visiting Panama.

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Information Panama Blogs Facebook Groups and Discussion Forums Real Estate Help in Chiriqui (houses for rent) Hotels and Hostels in David Rides and Tours Books and Spanish Learning Deals and Discounts


Panama for Real - all kinds of info about various areas in Panama
Boquete Guide - news and current events in Panama
Boquete.Ning - news and information from Boquete

Panama Blogs

Chiriqui Chatter - another David resident who has been here many years. There are many links and tons of information
One More Good Adventure - an author and boat enthusiast living in Boquerón, Chiriqui
Let the Adventure Begin - expat couple from California who are building a home in Boquete
Chapter 3: Loving Retirement in Panama - expat couple from Florida living in Boquete
Our Third Life  - expat couple from the US living in Pedasi
In Da Campo - Canadian couple living in Pedasi
Panama Dude - Another Canadian couple recently relocated to Pedasi
A Woman, A Plan, A Canal - Living in Panama! - A young woman working at an international school in Panama City
Panama for Beginners - Young American expat with a Panamaian wife who shares lots of useful information
Finding Myself in Panama - my husband's blog

These are certainly not the only blogs out there. These are just some I know about, and many of the authors are also personal friends.

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Facebook Group

Expats in Panama - busy, informative, well run, and friendly group with answers to about anything. There is a search feature to access past discussions. 

Discussion Forums (Unfortunately behavior can be quite bad on some of these forums. This is not representative of all expats! Visit for the useful information and ignore the rest) 

Panama Forum - General Info about Panama
Gringos in David - for people in the David area. They also have monthly meetings
Boquete.Ning Forum - Boquete based
Gardening in Panama - info about gardening

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Real Estate - houses to rent, houses to buy/sell, and advice in David, Boquete, and Chiriqui Provence

Eduardo Horna   Speaks English, ethical and reliable

Hotels and Hostels in David

Chambres en Ville - $35, private rooms, close to downtown and city park, owner speaks English, French, and Spanish
Bambu Hostel - $11 - $35, in a residential area of town, owner speaks English
Hotel Cuidad de David - ~$80-125  Very nice downtown hotel
Hotel Castilla - $50, downtown by the park (link is to
Grand National Hotel - $95-150  Also close to downtown

These are not the only hotels, of course, just a few I know about

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Rides, Tours, Translation Services and general assistance (David, Boquete, Chiriqui Province)

Eduardo Horna 6567 1127 or

Rides and Tours (Panama City)

One Travel Panama - tour packages or individualized services. They have staff who speak English and are working on an English version of the website.
Panama Road Runner - another tour business run by Canadians for tours and individualized services. English spoken
Barefoot Panama - city tours, eco tours, adventure tours, or build your own tour. English spoken.
John Panama - airport rides, transportation around Panama City, friendly and very reliable, speaks excellent English. Email  Panama phone 6065 3942

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Good Books

A Better Life for Half the Price A Better Life for Half the Price by Tim Leffel - excellent guide with very realistic information about a variety of places where you can cut your living expenses by at least half.

Learning Spanish

Duolingo - free, on line. Check out this fascinating TED Talk about how they came to be.

These are some of my favorite books. Click on the picture to take you to more info on Amazon. If you buy anything from Amazon through this page it helps with my website expenses (thank you!) 

Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish         Easy Spanish, Step by Step         Basic Spanish         Spanish Verb Tenses         501 Spanish Verbs

Pimsleur Spanish Audio CD's, great for the car  Pimsleur Spanish Audio CD's

Deals and Discounts

Oferta Simple - discounts on hotels, restaurants, and other things. Sign up to be emailed the deals of the day
Groupon - more deals and discounts.

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Last updated Oct 9, 2014