David, Chiriqui, Panama, Sunset Photo
The Panama Adventure!
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Information from our blog, organized by topic.

Poco a poco (little by little) we are learning more about our new country. As we get information that we think might be useful or interesting to others, we will write it on the blog and put the links here. If you have any requests or suggestions please go to the Contact Us page and let us know! 

Getting things done, dealing with challenges.  Medical and dental care.

How has the journey been for us?

What is life like here? people and culture. Food related articles Places to go and see.
What is it like around our neighborhood and our city? What wildlife have we seen? General Thoughts on Moving to Panama
Maps to Various Places English Spoken Here

Getting things done, dealing with challenges.

The bus from Panama City to David
The border hop - getting passports stamped at the Costa Rica border
Getting mail with multiservicios
the Canastica Basica food store
Mold and Mildew in a humid climate
Too Much Sun? Try some Saran
Produce from the Street Markets
Phones, Internet, and Communication from Panama
Cows, and Water and Electricity Problems (drought conditions)
Curley Hair Products
Getting Car Keys Made
Find a House - Eduardo Horna
Where to Buy Beef and Meat
Shopping at Super Baru Supermarket
Super Baru Supermarket - Customer Service
Vivero in Dolega - a great nursery for plants

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Medical and dental care.

A trip to the Doctor
A trip to the Dentist
Another trip to the doctor, and the lab
Another trip to the doctor, and Mae Lewis Hospital
My turn with the dentist.
Over the Counter Cold Medicine

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How has the journey been for us?

Cost of Living Report - February
Cost of Living Report - April
What did we give up, what did we gain?
A Day in my Life
Six Months Already
Ma Moves to Maine

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What is life like here? people and culture.

The Bus Terminal
The Kindness of Strangers
The Happy People of Panama
New Years in Panama
America is Taking Over Panama
Great Neighbors
Our Neighbor Roberto
Feria Internacional de David
Why Live in David?
A Good Day
Gringos at Gringos
- May's montly gringos meeting which was held at the Gringos Restaurant

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General Thoughts on Moving to Panama

English or Spanish? Expats in Panama
Culture Shock and the Unhappy Expat
Why do People Leave the US?, 
Running To? or Away From?
Common Sense and Good Manners
A Place that Welcomes You
Baby Boomers are Moving!
Finding Happiness

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Places to go and see.

Volcan, More Volcan
Sitio Barriles archaeological site near Volcan
Raquel's Ark animal rescue in Volcan
Cerro Punta
Macho de Monte, After Macho de Monte, and Oranges
Playa La Barqueta, Visiting Friends' Construction Site at La Barqueta
Bocas del Toro - six articles -   Arrival, First day, Second Day, Videos, Hotelito del Mar, Wrapping it Up, Joel's article
Boca Chica
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Food related articles

What do you eat in Panama?
Chayote Sauerkraut
Lets Buy Fish
What Are These Fish?
Fish Soup
Chicha de Arroz con Piņa  (drink of rice and pineapple)
Guando con Arroz (Pigeon Peas and Rice)
Sandia (Watermelon)
Mango Season
Backyard BBQ
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What is it like around our neighborhood and our city?

A Drive in the Country
Lets Hunt for Bananas
Panamanian Lawn Mowers
Flowers in the Forest
Mango Trees
Ceiba Trees
What is this Tree?
Another Mango Tree
Summer Flowers in Panama
An Earthquake
Climbing the Mountain (or the hill)
Walking Around the Neighborhood
Brush Fires
Summer is Over?
Another Tree
The Moon

Walking in the Rain
A Bike Ride around the Neighborhood
Changing Weather
Bananas in the Woods
A Few Rentals Available Here
The River - I love the River!  #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6

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What wildlife have we seen?

Lizards and other things 
Birds and other Wildlife
Cicadas and Hawks
Another Lizard
Crested Oropendola
Blue Crowned Motmot

Another Iguana
More Iguanas
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Last Updated May 10, 2013