Morning Woods, Chiriqui, Panama
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Can we keep living our current life? Do we want to?
Is it time for a change? Do we want a new adventure?
Should we consider living in another country?
Should we consider living in Panama? What is it like there?
What do we need to know? What do we need to ask? Where do we start?

Many people are asking themselves these questions. This is our experience of moving here and making a new life in David, Chiriqui, Panama. We have tried to put together a site with useful information, stories, photos, videos, and whatever else may be of interest to our visitors. Perhaps we can answer some questions, or give you a peek into what it's like to live in Panama.

This is only our experience. We cannot give legal advice, tell you what would work for you, or make decisions for you. Hopefully we can help a bit as you write your own story. 

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This website is always a work in progress, so come back now and then to see what's new.
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