Hills of Rambala, Bocas, Panama
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The Most Popular Blog Posts

These posts seem to get the most traffic. Maybe you'll find them interesting or helpful too! 

  1. Our Cost of Living in Panama- a page with links to all the cost of living reports
  2. Why Panama? - how and why did we choose to live in Panama
  3. The Push Button - our report on one of those "rent by the hour" hotels
  4. Navigating Allbrook, the Panama City bus station
  5. English or Spanish? Expat gringos in Panama - thoughts on learning the language, integrating into the country, being a good ambassador. being a happy expat
  6. Panama Shopping, the DoIt Center - a report on a store similar to Home Depot or Lowes
  7. Yes there are crocodiles in Panama - a informational newspaper insert about crocodiles
  8. Crossing the Panama - Costa Rica border - our recent experience and requirements as of Nov 2013. If you are crossing the border, find out the current requirements. They can change without notice! 
  9. New Years Eve in Panama
  10. A Trip to the Dentist - my husband's experience with getting a new bridge. 

And, a popular post from my husband's blog - *Need help finding a Rental in David/Boquete? Meet Eduardo Horna via Video*

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